Thank you Leon, I appreciate both your talent as a writer and the fascinating topics featured in your writing. Inevitably there will be some push-back against the recommendation of a nomadic lifestyle, and I would concede that it is not for everyone, especially for those with roots (family, cultural, personal) in a particular location. Being settled does have some compensations, just to balance out the vexations! I guess we all need to find our Ikigai, be it nomadic, semi nomadic, or firmly settled. Keep on doing what you are doing🙏🏽😀

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Jul 26, 2022·edited Jul 26, 2022

Hey Leon... Love your article. I didnt know the word "touareg" was actually an insult. Well, the thing with this post is: they are not my freakin gods. They are the ones that force humans to awaken to their power and responsibility. If there is a tick hanging in your flesh you got to look at yourself and get rid of the bug. It has a reason why its there. As to the lifestyle you propose, it is getting increasingly attractive for me. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward for next year to enroll.

Yours sincerely,


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Can you tell some advice on how to start a business that one can operate only from their laptop and start living a nonadic life?

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Jul 25, 2022

Leon, this sounds like an example of making a case to other people that's really aimed at yourself. Not that it isn't awesome to hear your thoughts! My 18 year old son is currently spending 2 months travelling through Europe and I do wonder if this will become his lifestyle. I'm sending him this article! But there's also undercurrents of you selling yourself on the idea of getting back to this lifestyle. If that's the case, I wish you all the best on this transition!

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Interesting, even though I am one of those people that would look at you as if you sprouted another head. My sense of place is too strong. They can arrest me or kill me but they won't run me off.

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But you have not said anything about how you sustain yourself - how do you meet your expenses?

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Commit to nothing! Live a meaningless existence!

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Another interesting and thought provoking article, thank you

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Excellent! But I would need a motorcycle….

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I don't believe this life style is for everyone. However, what you just described is my personal natural essence. Thanks for filling me in on this. I've been thinking about bouncing out of the country for quite sometime.

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Sep 3, 2022

You forgot to mention your ability to choose to work from anywhere, probably from your laptop. Not every work are that mobile.

If I choose to earn money from the country I'm visiting there's restrictions to clear.

You can travel as an independently wealthy tourist, which isn't the same as having to establish a business locally.

Secondly, I must say, running away from political problems seems like a passive way to exist. As politics only keeps getting worse if the spoiled politicians are allowed to run amuck, without checks from those able to exercise political powers the future doesn't look great overall.

The nomads, imazigen(berber/the free people), romani(gypsies), Australian aboriginals, Native Americans as well as those in South America, Jews(except in Israel) are all marginalized to different degrees.

As much as I want to just escape the mess of the out of touch psychopathic gods, I realize that their effect on the entire world is getting uglier and harder to ignore. Climate change, waste of resources, and wars being some of them.

Some people talk of colonizing other planets, again with escapism!

We can and we have a beautiful planet Earth in this solar system. Except we humans are too stupid and irresponsible to learn live sustainably and make the most of what we already have right here and now.

Paradise is here. We just need incompetent idiots to stop running/ruining things they don't understand. And let the experts handle things for the better of all.

Regardless, I appreciate your thought provoking letters. Keep doing what you do.

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