First I've heard from a "trusted source" that Russia's economy has "tanked." Would you please substantiate that? Ukraine's and Europe's economies are tanking, as is the US beginning to show signs. But the best I can tell from my very limited perspective is that Russia is, relatively speaking, doing quite well. And your slant on Putin, absent the context that preceded and provoked his decision to risk all to save Russia from the Western predators (imperial neocons and the oligarchs that use them) casts a blow on your otherwise high level integrity. You haven't lost me, but/and I've a much different feel for what you are about.

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That article smacked of typical lies of the western nations committing economic suicide to hide Bumbling Biden’s big lies. All of them, from macron to trudeau and their fibbing ministers of death, are evil bastards selling us all to evil death and starvation to cover up the truth about the virus, plandemic, illegal draconian lockdowns, mandates, cancel culture/ child sexualizing/ censorship if bought MSM... the list goes on.

Futhermore, it is convenient to blame, demonize dissenters for their brave opinions, and i am prepared for your vitriolic response. Its quite predictable. It is equally convenient to forget much of history when, honestly studied, reveals inconvenient truths like the fact that Obama’s puppet zelensky tyrannized the eastern people of Ukraine since about 2015, ignoring the Minsk accord. Military action was surgical at the start, and the blame machine went into high gear. WW3 may be the outcome but Russia’s actions were last resort protection of Russian people liberated from tyranny by the actor puppet druggie pretending to be leader. I feel complete sadness toward all innocent people sufferring from the madness behind the Big Lie of Obiden. Here in Chinada some of us are awake and prepare to suffer the continued tyranny of a regime acting like a cornered snake. Evil knows no bounds. The truth has usually won, but the cost of freedom and truth may be too hard to bear for so many that the WEF evil may come full stop. The living in the west may envy the dead.

Be careful who you side with in this mess; you do want to be on the right side of history. 🇨🇦🙏🏽

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Forgetting who invaded who in the first place?

Stick to sharing financial wisdom, and stop reporting sensationalism as fact. It is obvious oh author you forgot that for 8 years the people of Donbass were targeted by a government they viewed as invalid, all because they sought autonomy. 8 years. They then ask Russia for help, yet they invaded?

Point being, if you don't stick to facts, I may view your supposed financial "wisdom" as just the idiotic parroting of a non critical thinker.

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Excellent piece! I travel extensively in the wildest parts of British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska. There are several heavy items I carry in pack, just in case. Many of these items I have never used, and hopefully never will use in the future. But they are an essential part of my back up plan. Your article helps me see that I may need to apply a similar concept on a country wide level.

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Zelinsky was put there by Britain, Rotchilds, the Fin-intern. Look at Arestovich, Zelinsky's advisor, figure: Jesuit education, specialist in social psychology, trained in London. Britain wants to create the spiderweb of its secter financial empire, The City.

The level of russuphobia in Ukraine was overboard- they never made Russian as second language, despite half of population being russian, or russian in 2,3 d generation.

If those Ukrainians got put on drugs, brainwashed by British is their problem. How wld you like to live in those eastern Ukraine areas ,being russian speaking, but not allowed to use your own language? Or Practice your faith, because scambag Konstantinopol head of orthodox church proclaimed Ukrainian church as independent, so russian branch and all russian churchrs got closed off in Ukraine! British started to play on ethnic differences there- blame them.

Now, US brought nuc heads to Germany, so german jets can carry them- what a bull shit, they already bomb Hiroshima, now Fin intern will do anything to control the Treasury- the banking system.

British and US Fin intern fighting China in this war, not to let them to use EU as the most credible market.

The ultraglobalist, Shwabists, benefit too, they take EU off fossil fuels ,took them by the b-ls, now will push this Hydrogen theme, which no transportation or storage is developed, but its a good investment for fin intern. Plus now can switch to digital dollar once wipe out middle class, decrease population...

And prolong the pist- industrial economy by still giving out credits to hydrogen.

" All hystory of Europe after 1964,creation of bank if England, is fight of bank of England owners( Barings, Keswicks,Rotchilds, Warburgs..) for its dominance on the planet. Russia has it written in Constitution for everyone to protect its own land, thanks to the 1st and 2d ww, orginized by same bankers.


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How convenient to tow the western line on Russia and whilst doing so, forget the Minsk accords and the reassurances that the west gave which they obviously had no intention of honouring. And now we, in the west suffer the consequences whilst our so called leaders propagandise to us, thinking (like you) we will forget our history and remember what game NATO has been playing. With this article alone, I unsubscribe. I don’t want another propaganda machine hitting my inbox - unless you want to provide a balanced view of the above as well as the usual MSM tropes of an evil Russia.

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This is similar to how governments ALWAYS exacerbate food shortages by confiscating food from farmers, leading the farmers to cease production of food that will be taken from them. Whether the government is willing to pay the farmers anything at all for the produce it confiscates, it will not be at market value or even close to it.

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Sep 26, 2022·edited Sep 27, 2022

"I would posit that once again, as in the Seventies, they are intent on exploiting the current inflation to engineer a recession and drive up unemployment in order to pre-empt a potential rise in labour bargaining power. After all, even if organised labour is still very weak, it is also true that labour markets — particularly in countries such as the US and UK — have been growing increasingly tight as a result of the post-lockdown surge in labour demand and Brexit in the UK. They are bound to remain relatively tight even in the future as the global economy undergoes a structural process of de-globalisation and reshoring."

https://unherd.com/2022/06/how-the-elites-exploit-inflation/?=refinnar How the elits exploit inflation

https://unherd.com/2022/03/america-has-won-europes-war/?=refinnar America has won Europes war

https://unherd.com/2022/03/how-western-elites-exploit-ukraine/?=refinnar How western elits exploit Ukraine

As I see, Ukraine was planned to become a farm land, who's business interests it wld be? Rotchilds control world grain market, Keswicks control farming in main China, China wld be the buyer.

They planned to build two deep water ports, bring NATO, Nato is existing for protection the energy / drugs routes. What Rotchilds didn't manage to do in 1905- 1918, they are planning now- to have control over russian resources.

If finintern/ British control Ukraine, they wld control russian gas pipeline, gas line from Quatar,thats why they make their vassals, EU, not to use the North stream2, no industry can work on hydrogen, they put EU from rusian gas needle to US LNG needle- what's the difference? I believe it is existential war for Russia, or bankers will take over as they did with rest of world. Australian citizens don't even own their water, neither the land, Soros fund organized by Rothschilds responsible for so many ques( Confession of economic hitman https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi0_qiGxIv6AhXZLFkFHVjhBCUQFnoECAkQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bkconnection.com%2Fstatic%2FConfessions-of-an-Economic-Hitman_EXCERPT.pdf&usg=AOvVaw2iyJHKSpcaLHBowraiCitT), Nathan Rotchild has degree in Psychology and a serial killer smile, his wealth also suddenly multiplied by some " investment s" in Ukraine. Obama supposed to get more base for world government as by creating two rings-transatlantic and transpacific , bypass China. Carrol Quigley wasn't right- the world as many ost- indian corporations not needed, the world is too multiformed and free. But The Mordor is steaming..

If Vatican( Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth project) and Israeli project ( Israel being given Odessa) in Ukraine wld not situatively cojoined finintern , Trump wld not loose, and US could start transition to 6th industrial phase( addictive tech ..), but finintern wants to stay in post capitalism, in bubbles world, to preserve its power, with the rest of the world in 4th phase- the oil industrial,

Question: who is going pay for US double deficits? - the middle class, the elits of Europe.US already wants to buy Russian Lukoil's refinery in Italy, and will make Italy to buy oil from US!

Finintern playing out same scenario already 3rd time,( 1st and 2d were two world wars by same US, British, and German finintern ): Europe- destroy, rebuild, repeat, but europeans are so infantile.

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Important add to my comment about residency in Portugal, above: always check the freedom credentials of the country you're thinking of moving to! Portugal introduced vaccine passports almost overnight, without any public debate whatsoever. And the EU wants vaccine passports to apply to movement between all member states and is trialling a digital ID wallet which looks pretty scary to me. See the link in the first paragraph of my Substack.

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I agree with many of the comments re Russia. We get you are trying to demonstrate the ability of the rich and wealthy's ability to escape crisis(es?). Adding to their comments, did you know there are neo-nazis in Ukraine? They hate the Russians more than the Jews. They consider the Russians sub-humans. Australian Journalist Caitlin Johnstone and John Pilger are good places to start.

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Keep writing! I love reading. You're quite talented.

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This was a bit of a shock to me. Your information on Russia is way off guys. Look up things like France and Germany not honouring the Minsk Accords. So many western governments and media lies. Easily debunked lies. I have been getting real information I would have liked to share the sources with you, but you went so hard for Russia that I’m literally worried if I pinpoint anyone doing actual journalism, you are going to have an example made of them for going against the western propaganda machine and have them just disappear! 🫥

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Overturning Roe vs. Wade is the equivalent of tyranny???? Seriously????

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Greed and corruption have ended every empire in the human history, as in Rome, The Golden Horde, Napoleon Empire and the Third Reich, for example. The free small business, free enterprise and free trade picked up the pieces every time, as in the Venetian Republic, the United Kingdom after WW1 and USA after WW2 and all the foreign wars after 1945. The off grid homesteads in USA are a living example of progress, which I follow daily, finding hope and encouragement.

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I have residency in Portugal, having fled Lockdown Britain in 2020. What's been quite remarkable to me is how pretty much everyone I know in Britain has remained oblivious to the fact that things are different elsewhere. I mean, friends and family, neighbours, and chance acquaintance across all demographics - everyone seems to believe that restrictions were the same everywhere and that it was impossible to travel. In vain I say that the UK's border policy during Covid - which kept me out of the country for eighteen months - was the toughest in Europe and that meanwhile, on the continent, people were going about their business.

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I love this! I’m a college student with zero income right now but one of the things I plan on doing once I dough starts rolling in is making an escape plan. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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