What is remaining unasked and undiscussed (except below) is whether the "Disinformation Board" will fact check government statements or not. To not check government statements for truth is to put a lie to the whole purpose of the Board. What functioning adult would say that governments always tell the truth? I have not seen any discussion of this in social media except here.

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The "Disinformation Board" is indeed something that should concern us all. Isn't it curious that it has now been put on "pause". Did the Administration finally become self-aware enough to realize how bad this appears or did it just move underground?

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Forgive me for being pessimistic, historically the elites (reptilians) have always ruled and sadly will always rule. Granted there are times in history were they have taken what appears a backward/recanted step, but really they simply sidestep an uprising of the people. While we the people of the time think we have achieved a win, appearances are cloaked in reality. The Elites plan for control of the masses (we the people) of any given nation is generational, meaning it is continuous as time. One uprising this century by the masses will be up down in the next century.

As one Elite once said to me, you the people think you have been from slavery, it is only an illusion, you still work for us, then you pay us in tax for that work, you are always inedited to us the Globalist. We intern give you medicines to help you live longer so you work longer, we feed you better, house you better, and still you pay us for these pleasures. We the controllers give you enough pleasure time so you feel you are rewarded and still you pay for this. Nothing has changed throughout the centuries, just your perception.

Now in my home country Australia an election for the federal controllers is about to happen. The leader of the Labor Party has proposed to have the government co-own peoples homes under the guise of helping people become home owners. Some say this is fantastic, the opposition LNP say it will drive up the prices of housing, removing autonomy of home ownership (not like we have it now). Personally I think it will drive up the cost of housing as anything the government subseries becomes inflated as we the people look to rote the system, lol.

Nothing is going to change, nothing has changed, we still have homeless starving people all over the world just as we have always had throughout the centuries. We still have human slavery and trafficking for sex trading and now organ harvesting. We still have royals/globalist stealing from countries they claim as theirs, when they are not. We still have humans going to fight wars for a handful of very rich who want to take from each other. No nothing changes, and we the people are to blame, no one else.

Until we the people understand how and why we are to blame for the Elites controlling everything nothing will really change, except the Elites gaining greater control, again.

Apathy works well in their favor.

HAVING said such humbug things, I absolutely love your work and I agree most of the time with you. Awesome, thank you.

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May 16, 2022·edited May 16, 2022

While I agree with what you have written, I must confess I am deply worried from what I think is the problem pushing the states to act against the freedom of speach. Alternative truth, it is called or the propagation of lies. I think president Trump was a main catalizator for the alternative truth movement and he was not the only one. The media offers us today many versions of the truth to choose from. We have to decide in each case what to believe in. This is a rather new and worrying situation.

the problem lies with our ability to discren what is true and what is not and the amount of energy needed for that. Covid was a big opportunity for both govermnent and the alternative truth movement. By chance I was able to learn second hand how my MOH worked to save lives. I am positive, no action was taken by bribed doctors in the MOH, as some would suggest, and their "strange" actions are totally due to lack of management capabilities or lack of knowledge at the earlier stages of the pandemic. By the way, ccording to the ani vacc movement, we should have all been dead from ABS or whatever by now.

The inabiliy to figure out who is lying to you will bring society down. If you can't minimally trust those you put in office to serve you, than the entire "raison d'etre" of society collapses.

No solution here, just more doubts, mainly how to navigate this era and keep ourselves free.

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What an brilliant intro that is both interesting in its own right, and gives perspective on how this is, and always will be, an ongoing issue. The weapons on both sides are much more powerful now. The ability to connect and share ideas has reached previously unimaginable levels, yet there's also the previously unimaginable ability to track every person's movements and comments and control their money and actions. Thus article gives awareness of the problem but lacks solutions. What are people's thoughts on what we can be done? (Non-violent!) I believe the elites only have as much control over us as we give them, and just like the people stood up to King Charles II and won, I believe we have the power to stand up to anyone who would try to make this kind of power grab. What are the best ways we can do that?

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The Biden Administration has also opened the "Office of Environmental Justice," so we can be fined or jailed for having a big carbon footprint or maybe neglecting plants or cutting down trees. Who knows where this lunacy will lead to. . .

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This is a great and very relevant message. When trusted authorities demand obedience and take increasing control of the choice tyranny follows, and tolerance for alternative thoughts fades.

On Twitter, and most free social media I am learning that those who regulate and censor speech, are low paid third world citizens, mostly in India, South Africa and South America.


I don't know who the 'Ministry of Truth' will employ to censor Americans, and presumably the rest of the world, but looking at what free social media editors see, I don't expect they will do very well.

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