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As Adam W was forming the Illuminati, there was another head of the evil global hydra developing which worked in concert and still does. it is more difficult to define with one organizational name due to the more secretive nature and controversial repercussions of identifying these people.

As Weishaupt worked, another banker in that region named Amshel Bauer begain to interact with Yacob Frank, who converted Bauer to his sect of spiritually traitorous descendants of Israel. Bauer soon after changed his family name to Rothschild. Yep, you got it. He became a Frankist, following in the path established 100 years earlier by Sabatai Tsvi, who also claimed to be a messiah, and who inverted Mosaic values and traditions to essentially encourage evil as virtue. Frank took this much farther, to actually worship Lucifer -Satan in every vile abominable way.

These people joined forces with pre-existing organized families of satanic desciples from Persia who formed much of European culture and national identities.

The secret societies formed as vehicles by these proto-globalist agents are indeed coordinated by the demonic puppet masters who work to destroy all God loves as part of the spiritual war that began when many angelics became corrupted.

We are in a spiritual war. Genuine prophets have warned us for centuries of what would come before Yeshua returns to administer the final cure and eliminate evil from the created realms.

I am not anti-semetic. I am anti-satanic. Oppose evil in every way possible. Say NO to the NWO in all itterations. Say YES to Yeshua Messiah, and walk in God's TRUTH by the power of His Spirit.

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I'm with you. The Rothschilds ARE NOT JEWISH, but THOSE who claim to be Jews and are not as written. The false state of modern Israel is a Rothschild 1948 contruct under the influence of the Vatican. With its 'Hotel' opposite temple mount, the Vatican recieves finaces from the CCP. All working together, the Dragon State, who will give its power to the Beast, the Man of Purdition as named in the Jewish scrolls, but removed out of all bibles, Barak Obama.

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Halfway there Leon. Keep going along that track to the end of the line. What would be the purpose of global digital IDs for the riffraff, for whom would they benefit, and most importantly, who would police them? Please also investigate Klaus Schwab’s father, dig past the censorship and scripted propaganda. Please keep going. Nice work so far.

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Interesting read! I had no idea the WEF was so "evil" but now I know that some human beings are receiving a SALARY off it, I'll be sure to avoid it like the plague. Wow. A salary, no less. And some venture capital. How's that for evil?? Is there any worse organization in the whole wide world than the WEF? How about the US National Rifle Association? That's responsible for KILLING people, indirectly. I'd say that was much larger problem than some bureaucrat profiting off his salary and access at the WEF. I do think it does some good, and it largely charges those fees to giant corporate conglomerates, so why NOT profit off them? On my salary, I could not afford to attend the WEF, but if my company sent me to attend, I'd personally jump at the chance.

All that said, thanks for the entertaining history, for trying to keep people honest, and for providing your own form of elite club (not knocking it!). It's good to keep people on their toes and make us think. I take everyone with a grain of salt. It's called critical thinking and I applaud yours too.

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Bilderberg is just concluding in Washington today. Another similar lot perhaps. We can save the WHO for another day. ‘‘Twas ever thus. I guess the difference now is that we know a little more about these people.

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Hello, I bought the Manual , however I can’t reset my password . I never get the reset pw mail . Please help

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I've said for years that "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR) mantra of the WEF is merely double-speak for "Make Industrialization Great Again".

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I liked what was written. I only have to add :" an increased concentration of wealth and power" sounds like a good solid base to take over the world. You know how it goes.... they can be only ONE....

Best Regards

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== Thanks & community thoughts ==

I'd like to thank Sorelle and Leon for their work and giving us a platform to seriously discuss these topics without defamation of dissidents, and all the psycho-stuff we need to get rid of a.s.a.p.

Think about this: If I'd create a conspiracy and there was any danger the conspiracy would get uncovered, I would tell people that conspiracies are 'unreal' and those people were conspiracy theorists, to keep them away from any talk about the conspiracy itself. Now reflect for a moment what happens if you talk about Weishaupt, Illuminati, Schwab or just the WEF with one of the people passing along the street.

Again, your articles are so purely to the point, I translate them now to German and forward them.

I must say I want to build a community with you. Be it virtually or in reality. I'm back in Sweden in a few weeks. Message me to steuerboykott [at] tutanota [dot] com if interested.

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