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I entertained the thought of an automated car being brought to South Africa, where our Minibus taxi drivers commit violence against Uber drivers and ban them from their taxi ranks. This poor little electric car would be stripped of parts or burnt to a cinder faster than you could hail an Uber. The 3rd world has a funny, but terrifying, way of resisting these changes that disenfranchise their businesses. At least the one’s with weapons. During lockdown, minibus taxi drivers refused to oblige by nonsensical covid policies, and the govt could do nothing to stop them because these taxi drivers and their unions form one of the most extensive networks of crime and thuggery in the country, ready to cause mayhem at a moments notice. Ironically, the same people who nearly kill us every day we drive on the road may be the first point of resistance to both corporate and government over reach. I’m not saying I admire them, but as you rightly say, electric car services will not likely be adopted in third world countries because these established networks will never accept this competition.

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Buonasera Leon,

First of all, Thank you very and so much for your excellent website but most important, the very valuable and important work you are are doing and totally agree and support your cause.

Read your last Newsletter that arrived today on VOC, and incredibly as the saying goes, HISTORY does REPEAT itself and your report is exactly what I also believe very much, are the "things to come"! Fortunately, we live a society that compared to Medieval times up to the totalitarian control by Dictatorial regimes of the WW2, it will not be "so easy" for the WEF, WHO, DAVOS and Company, etc. etc. to reach this "goal or objective" as easily as they "imagined". The actual proof of this is the botched plan to inoculate the World Population with an experimental serum that did not turn out as they had planned or orchestrated!! Well at least the majority of the sheep fell in the trap, fortunately people like yourselves, and me are far too aware of what's going on and can "see" the reality "behind the scenes". Anyway, wanted to compliment you all and considering the topic/subject on total control and Monopolization including housing, vehicles, etc. What do you think about "Uncle Bill Gates" buying up all the agricultural land and farms in the USA. Today's largets Agricultural land owner in the US with over 200,000 and more Acres, already in his pocket. Think he'll do the same like when he invested in "Pharma Research" and "VACCINES" ??? Hummm..... Overall, we will need to stop this, but need to be really all UNITED!!

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You will have a bedroom and bathroom. You might even have a partner to share it with (but why?) What you absolutely will not have is children.

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Thank you Leon for a very informative article, and I do see exactly what you say is coming to par. Sadly none of this will be seen by the masses for while mainstream media controls their viewing therefore their thinking, feeling and actions like Lemmings to the cliff they will run.

I grew up in a time and place where governments and law were tolerated (Australia in the 60's - 90"s) now nothing moves without first notification, assessment and permission. In Australia it was the Port Arthur shootings that changed the masses. 9/11 changed so much around the world in select western countries, it was that event that mainstream media how to hook and accelerate mass control.

Part of me rebels, (I'm here) part of me thinks just go with it, yes give up. I have been fighting the good fight for so long and with little result. I think I will be one of those who finds a less controlling country to woft away my senior years. Or may be not.

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I spoke with an ‘Old Timer’ in NT AU in recent years. He was warning about the encroaching state and it’s insatiable appetite for over-reach and desire to control the minutia of people’s lives. He is being proved correct, even in The Outback.

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A man who turned my head back in the 90's was an expat American. A truly amazing man who then was in his 70's a man of the world, told me about how and who really ran the world. Sadly he was not wrong, in fact he was so right and his predictions have come to pass. I used to think I could/would make a difference, enlighten, awaken people to what is really happening but no one really cares, as long as it happens in someone else's country, as long as they have what they want people don't care.

In the 90's a protest band he in Australia put out a song that was so prevalent then and still is today. The band was Redgum and the song was 'It Doesn't Matter to Me'.

I admire people in countries around the world who are protesting on mass, I hope they change the world, their world.

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I think one of the most glaring issues facing most people is the ‘cosy’ relationship many politicians have with business. Whilst there are legitimate reasons why elected representatives should have some sort of relationship with business leaders the impression that these relationships exist behind closed doors and beyond public scrutiny remains a problem. The plethora of organisations like WEF and Biltberg that are seemingly beyond democratic inspection is a cause for concern.

It seems reasonable to suggest that elected leaders should either seek permission and provide full disclosure if they participate in these ‘power gatherings’ or be barred from attending any such gatherings; with the real threat of spending time behind bars as an encouragement to be irrefutably transparent and honest. I won’t hold my breath. That’s probably already owned by someone!

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Leon, your gift of writing, educating, explaining, and bringing transformation to this world is beyond beautiful! Thank you for dedicating your energy towards bringing awareness, I am continuously mind blown by your wisdom and gift!

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The demand for the micro-housing market has quite long ago emerged. That solved something? So neither will hostel living solves anything, but those who accept such a nonsense will not know the joy of building a house, planting a tree in their garden, or raising a child. An existence was similar to what Russia was in the 1920s. The time is coming when the Bedouins in the desert will be happier than all of you who accept the new normal that offers nothing but miserable life. When you have had enough, will you be able to shake the iron yoke when you have stood passively in a wooden yoke? Wake up stand against comunism and start fighting back! Many around you are sleeping like elephants.

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Listen deeply. Accept the good and bad as gifts. Keep looking forward. It's great to be here with y'all.

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2. vertically integrated. Their disruption is inevitable and unstoppable. Toyota too will be done by 2030.

Don’t like EV or more likely can’t afford expensive up front costs to buy new car, despite near nothing running costs or maintenance?

Batteries… Buy shares in LG, Panasonic, QualComm, CATL battery tech suppliers, if you can, suppliers to EV auto makers, but also makers of off grid residential battery storage facilities and backup to commercial sites, farms, light industrial outside major cities.

Buy shares in latest next century’s EV auto makers BYD, Tesla, Nio, Geeley etc the big mass market affordable EV makers coming to world market in next 18 months…

They ARE replacing the legacy auto companies.

see Norway… invest in EV fast charging network suppliers, installers, manufacturers. Invest in copper 👀.

All those charging points and transformers need copper to supply juice to EVs. Invest in solar panel makers and developers. Invest in LiFePo and LFP battery makers, invest in lithium battery storage unit makers.

Invest reservoir floating solar farm installers, builders. Invest in new tech sea based wind farms with kinetic storage capacity that operate in higher wind speeds providing load balancing not use it or lose it.


Buy a used £30,000 Tesla model X or S … assuming you were going to blow £30,000 on a new crap car…

Used 8 year old Tesla S or X with 100,000 miles on battery.

See battery degradation only down to some 97% =

…. maybe Model S or X Tesla has lost 10 or 20 miles in range …

bargain car …

next to nothing servicing costs.

Additionally, If you slap solar on your roof and some lithium storage batteries near your garage … build your own lithium battery packs maybe… just keep them cool in heatwave or site very carefully in shade / cool 👀🤣

Far far cheaper than diesel or petrol car running costs over same 8 years and clean air. Massively reduced pollution especially if your own solar is feeding car. Moral compass if you can actually afford to do the three, buy car, roof solar, battery storage… you are Star Trek and to be saluted 👀🤣☝🏻🎈❤️👏🌸👏🌸👏🌸👏🌸👁

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A strangely American centric article to someone residing in London UK.

Does Leon really not step outside of the American bubble very much?

I have seen their news media, even the best most balanced, professional honourable style of journalism still comes across tainted by the OTT oft claimed ‘world’s best,’ when actually it’s just an American geographic reference.

Example cars, American cars are mostly crap aside from Tesla. GM even has a fantasist in chief, lying Mary, while heading for the bankruptcy dustbin but this time she and Ford etc will be gone by 2030. Sadly VW and BMW etc all heading for the history bin. They can not become BYD or Tesla because their debts are too big, they can’t invest in totally new production lines that are ALL EV and completely

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I've been railing for decades about the increasingly excessive influence that our supermarket duopoly has in Australia, their tactics not only decimating industries but controlling what many people consume and how they live.

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Thanks for your historical round-trip concerning for-profit (for the chosen few) companies.

In short: From VOC to WEF... The absolute wet-dream of the greedy sociopath...

The buzzy “exceptional, community-based living experience” of NYT is just a form of large community-dwelling is a thousands of years old tradition still being practiced in many parts of Asia; nothing new...

Whoever wants to escape the tyranny of corporate power @ rule just can opt for a DE-centralized way of life, renouncing to some of the modern amenities, closer to the flow of Mother Nature at a sound distance, beyond the territory of the NWO.


The corporates know about this, do not want "bad examples" for the gullible, soft-minded majority of pawns, therefore are already pressing on the Amish in the USA concerning their ways of meat and food-production.

Further restrictive legislation about land-use, rainwater-harvesting, water-wells, horticulture in backyard, energy-production, etc., etc. may be around the corner and be coerced even on corrupt regimes outside the NWO (Just look at the current disaster in Sri Lanka)...

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