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Welcome back, you were missed. This story might be changed if more people used cash and voted with there wallet.

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Thanks for a very well-written piece! I didn't know about Abundantia until I got this post.

Are you offering an alternative currency?

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Welcome back!

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I was waiting for an update and finally I am happy to hear from you guys again.

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Its been a while since the last letter; excellently written, as usual. Canada recently introduced CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). The official website says that "we will continue to supply bank notes as long as Canadians want to use them" but, well, I have very little faith in that statement. Considering how the government treated the Freedom Convoy and how they froze the accounts of those who contributed money to the cause, the future of the freedoms doesn't seem to be bright.

Financially, however, banks and even certain trading platforms make it appealing to keep cash in their account. Wealthsimple, for example, just introduced a cash account with 4% interest and 1% cashback, which, to my knowledge, is the best deal on the Canadian side. If you keep money in cash, however, they get devalued even faster due to inflation. From another side, having cash makes you more conscious about your spending habits, so you will potentially buy less.

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Long time! You've been missed!!!

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Glad to have you back!

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Welcome back you have obviously been busy with new ideas , hope you are willing to share sooner or later. As far as the latest post is concerned this is exactly what is going to happen. Cash will vanish eventually like it or not it is just a matter of time. I live in Western Australia and my wife and I are now monthly customers of the Perth Mint. We are once again buying as much Gold and Silver as we can afford every month to add to our stash we have accumulated over the years.

Your ideas around having multiple passports is something we have acted on as well...good to see you are back keep on inspiring me please cheers guys

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I'm glad you are back.

Why is it that when I read your posts I hear Sorelle's voice? Do the two of you occupy the same mind?

I deeply appreciate Sorelle's abandonment of traditional constraints in her quest to embody her birthright to unconditional freedom.

To both of you, keep up the good work.



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Quite a doomsday scenario. So what's the solution?

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Yes Welcome back

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The lion slept for six months but is back tonight !!... so everything is OK ...👍

Hope to be reading your roars again soon.

Best regards to Sorelle too.

CBDCs ?? How about decentralized local trading/bartering ?

and legally minted silver coins/bullion of small size for daily transactions ... as well as a

good supply of quick-lead for

- protection of basic personal assets incl. family,

- protection of your freshly grown or raised food from the backyard and

- protection from anyone brandishing a syringe aimed at your upper arm ...

to assert your full NON-compliance to serfdom.

To hell with the WEF, CDC, NIH, WHO, IMF, NATO and all their despicable transhumanist cronies.

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We are very concerned about this. There has to be a way out of this without having to move to a third-world country.

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Thank you for sharing your work! This came with a bonus value of me signing up on Substack, something I have meaning to do for awhile now. Looking forward to reading more of your work. -Dan W

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Very interesting about the history of centralizing money. Thank you!

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Welcome back. How do people use this information to advantage?

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