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The problem is that: instead of having competent experts running the country, we get these under-performing humans that are more focused on popularity contest; the politicians that run the country, and thus things are failing miserably. Otherwise life on earth could be quite pleasant with all the technology and knowledge we have amassed.

The corporate influenced political system we have in place is actually a threat to the human survival, and other species as well.

We need a more responsible sustainable model of living.

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This is the truth. While I am a crypto advocate, I’ve long said that it will lead to a horrible system of control like we’ve never seen before.

Imagine if you cannot use your money unless you get the latest vaccine, or other dna altering treatment. Or if you don’t put your kids in a certain school, or submit to whatever regulation… this is the beginning of a very evil age where the Klaas schwabs of the world, who have largely been in hiding, will control the trajectory of society. As he said- “you will own nothing and be happy” by 2030.

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CBDCs, depression and following recession with regional total economic- and societal collapse, endless increasing state control/coercion/oppression in exchange for alleged "safety", personal CO2 foot-print, leaving 30% of the currently arable land fallow, simultaneously restricting the use of fertilizers to reduce nitrogen-deposits, coerced cricket-flour in your ultra-processed food, credit-scores for good/bad behavior (the MOST frightening one, because their definition of behavior will change at their will at any time, fitted in a bespoke way to your own, singular personality !!!), alleged climate-crisis (ever heard somebody talking about the ENSO- or solar-cycles ?), environmental degradation, -pollution, -depletion, weaponization of tax-authorities, militarization of local police, AI and its logarithms, plandemics with open-end, The Empire provocatively poking the bear and the dragon at the same time, etc., etc., you name it and you propose to invest in fine art? Who's gonna buy it when millions are starving due to the food- and energy-crisis looming on a global scale?

The ONLY investment that will open a door to your future is buying the right books, get the right skills like our forefathers had (especially when it comes to the efficient use of personal weaponry for self-defense and agriculture), basic tools and staples (like dry-food and matches), safe plot of land with a near water table, solar-system for water/power and hot-water generation, all in a remote country far away from these monsters.

THAT is the future of FINE ART of living !!! To hell with their FIAT-money and crap-consumerism !!!

Only the FREE, because independent will survive...

Btw: wooden frames, canvas, oil-paint, crayons, lead-pencils, carbon sticks, statues or obsolete/useless objects of any material (including precious stones or metals) have no useful calories to guarantee a survival when it comes to the unavoidable crunch in the so-called advanced, mass-societies...

How long do you think the internet will be accessible for the average Jane @ Joe ?? (see credit-scores above)

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Thank you for writing this, Leon. The main thing we can all do is vote, no matter our country. Also, not just at the voting booth, but with our currency. Dwindling as it may be.

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I think what it's really about is the the foreign exchange market dynamics itself. I've been studying it for the past few years and I give you my word it is one of the most complicated systems on earth... The blockchain technology if applied correctly could do a great deal to prevent fraud and consequent misrepresentation of currency values due to loopholes in a decentralized (and fragmented) market where liquidity has taken the basic exchange motive to another level with major banks trading the lifeblood of sovereign nations almost at will, and high frequency trading literally soaking up as much value as "IT" can. I think blockchain will add a measure of security to ensure regulations are enforced and for prices to more accurately represent economic activity as a measure of a nations economic strength through its currency. I could be wrong(if it is abused as you mentioned is possible) but think it will be a giant leap forward...

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Is the silver lining that the job of the tax auditor would become redundant?

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I look forward to these letters every week because if nothing else they make a person keep in mind the possible things the governments will do to remain in power over the masses. All though I think that crypto can be made worthless by the powers to be. Plus, it has not survived the test of time.

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I enjoyed this and, in fact, nearly every single one of these email newsletters. However I don't think fine art is a wise place to protect wealth in a world with an ever-decreasing attention-span and less appreciation of aesthetics since probably the stone ages.

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