Another good article that my intellect agrees with. The other big factor that repels people from marketing is "getting attention" when that has been punished in one's past. In adulthood, it may be memorable experiences of tall poppy syndrome. But it can also be that wordless ugh that indicates childhood experience, like an experimental rat who doesn't know why it's being electroshocked, but does know to avoid that part of the cage.

When a child asking for attention is repeatedly met with punishment for being a nuisance or a show-off, when asking for what you want is punished for ingratitude or greed, it sets up a deep fear that becomes harder to identify with every passing year. The child who is dependent on their parents for their very survival must learn quickly not to do whatever is punished and the lesson is very sticky.

The adult may look back and know it was unreasonable then and the results are counterproductive now, but the aversion conditioning remains. Even if one is dimly aware of it (like knowing invisible Sirius B exists because of the gravitational disruption of Sirius A), undoing the operant conditioning is a whole other ballgame. In the face of such a daunting task, it's far easier to make a don't-like-it excuse than re-experience painful powerlessness.

Professional psychologists have little clue about how to undo deep-rooted threat-induced aversion either, so those dealing with a very difficult situation single-handed deserve some compassion. What appeard to be foolishness or laziness may well run far deeper and darker.

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Entertaining and relatable. Nice piece Leon. Will take your advice.

Continuing on from an earlier post, it is not intuitive on how to subscribe to be "a paid subscriber". The link you provide at the end of your weekly read only accesses your generic "subscribe" page. What am I missing? Help me help you....

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You neglected to mention Edward Bernays. He wrote the book on marketing and propaganda......

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Great viewpoint. I personally used to have an aversion to marketing and sales when I was younger.

I thought of it as a force of malicious manipulation that was meant to rob money from poor uneducated people. Even though that can be the case, it can also be a force for good.

This year I've been learning it a lot and my influence and very small business have started to grow as a result.

Thank you for sharing your perspective in this article.

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Interesting view, especially from Canada here in North America the land with no Religion or Monarch to obey, we are a Market Driven society; and the American way is increasingly taking the world.

I like the story of 'Ex Officina Scaurus', neatly relatable and retell-able, with an extension that I read it on Abundantia.

The story reminded me of when I shopped for new headphones; The qualifier for purchase was the little BlueTooth enabled logo.

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